Umass Lowell - Life Science II - 1020 - 101 - Shea - Spring 2021

Umass Lowell - Life Science II - 1020 - 101 - Shea - Spring 2021

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Taught by Professor Shea

Life on this Rock: Form and Function of Living Things is written for students majoring in fields other than health sciences. Rather than follow the typical sequence of simple to complex organisms (i.e., bacteria, plants, animals and finally, humans), Life on this Rock: Form and Function presents comparative physiology with emphasis on humans. The differences among animals are presented in a manner that further helps understand human physiology.

The Life on this Rock takes students, in a narrative documentary style, through a step-by-step journey of discovery that accelerates learning and enables any student to fully grasp even complex biological topics. Students receive a solid foundation in science that they can draw from throughout their academic and professional careers.

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