Hampton University - Intro to Programming - MIS 209 - Simon - Spring 2024

Hampton University - Intro to Programming - MIS 209 - Simon - Spring 2024

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Taught by Professor Simon


From Scratch to JAVA is designed to provide easy to understand exercises that will allow aspiring programmers to become familiar with programming languages and the programming environments. Since programming is a form a problem solving, it is important to have an understanding of the problem and to have a strategy of how to solve it. This will require you to do some critical thinking before you even create any code. Whether you are a novice or experienced programmer, this text can help you to begin to think critically about how to approach a problem and solve it using a programming language.


Table of Contents

Lab 1 - Hello World
Lab 2 - Reading Keyboard Input
Lab 3 - Addition and Subtraction
Lab 4 - Multiplication and Division
Lab 5 - If
Lab 6 - If Else
Lab 7 - Nested If
Lab 8 - Logical Operators
Lab 9 - Random Numbers
Lab 10 - For Loop
Lab 11 - While Loop    
Lab 12 - Nested Loop
Lab 13 - Function Calls
Lab 14 - ArrayLists
Lab 15 - Arrays

About the Authors

Dr. DeShea Simon

Dr. DeShea Simon is on the faculty in the Department of Computer Science at Grantham University where she teaches courses in computer programming.  This experience has enabled her to track and assess the technical skills of young people. Dr. Simon is passionate about introducing technology to young people and finding ways to provide seamless integration of technology into the classroom for teachers. She has served on the Board of Directors for The Virginia Society  for Technology Education (VSTE) which allows her to stay abreast of and communicate with schools that are using technology to enhance curricula and improve learning outcomes.  Dr. Simon is a member of the Association of Information Systems, Upsilon Pi Epsilon, Beta Kappa Chi,  and the Association of Computer/Information Sciences and Engineering Departments at Minority Institutions (ADMI).  Dr. DeShea holds a BA in Business, an MA in Management of Information Systems, and a PhD in Information Technology. 

Mr. Bruce Chittenden

Mr. Bruce Chittenden is on the faculty in the Department of Computer Science at Hampton University where he teaches courses in computer programming and software engineering.  He spent the first 15 years of his career as a Software Engineering, almost exclusively in the area of System Software.  Over the past 25 years he has held the position of Vice President of Engineering at six High Tech Computer Start-up Companies from Silicon Valley to Fort Lauderdale. Two of these companies he took public in Initial Public Offerings (IPO).  The most notable of these companies were Citrix Systems (Cloud Computing before we called it that) and The Santa Cruz Operation (the first UNIX software company).  As Vice President of Engineering at these companies he managed the patent process and secured well over 1,000 patents.  Mr. Chittenden holds a BS in Mathematics from the University of Missouri and a MS in Computer Science from the University of Hawaii.

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