If the students annotate their books and lose internet access, are their notes lost?

No, all content is securely stored and backed-up on our Platform. Any personalization made by a student is saved in real time, so they do not lose work even when access to the Internet is suddenly dropped.


Can students access content when they do not have access to the Web?

Yes, our Trubooks app enables a student to download select articles or complete chapters from their course for offline use.  Students receive automatic content updates and alerts when they re-connect to the Web version.  Currently, the Trubooks app only supports the Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, but an Android app is in active development. The Trubooks app can be found in the iTunes Store here.


Can I modify the content in the digital textbook at my course web site?

An instructor cannot edit the content created by the authors. However, instructors can delete any content they want, and and they can change the sequence of content.  They can also add and organize their own content.


What if I adopted this book, but also wanted to add my own assignments, review questions, Powerpoint presentations, and labs? Is that possible?

Yes, instructors have an unlimited ability to add their own content--text, video, animations, photos, graphics, etc.—and choose how to integrate that content with their course.


As a condition of their financial aid, some of my students need proof-of-purchase via our bookstore. How does that work?

We can accommodate the bookstore approach to distribution. We will send cards for the bookstore to print and distribute for purchase. The card contains a coupon code for 100% off the purchase as well as information that directions students how to access their course.


Can a student receive a refund?

We offer full refunds up until the end of the add/drop period for your institution.  After this period, the purchase is final.


The real-time updates are great, but I don’t want an update “pushed” to my students in the middle of the semester.

The platform does not signal users when a change has been pushed from the authors. Standard practice is for authors to make substantive changes between semesters and over the summer. They then alert adopters to such changes. 


Does a university have to purchase the platform for students to use?

No, students pay for access to the digital textbook that an instructor requires for a specific class. All content is stored on the Platform on secure servers that are independent of your school.