Life on this Rock: Biology with Physiology

Crafted from the authors’ 20 plus years experience teaching biology to students of all majors and all levels, Life on this Rock: Biology with Physiology is specifically written for students majoring in fields other than science. In teaching physiology, rather than follow the typical sequence of simple to complex organisms (i.e., bacteria, plants, animals and finally, humans), this text presents comparative physiology with emphasis on humans.  The differences among animals are presented in a way that further helps understand human physiology. Unlike competing textbooks that offer diluted versions of biology written originally for science majors, Life on this Rock: Biology with Physiology is full-fledged biology designed to capture and nurture your students' interest and understanding by showing them that science and the scientific method is actually relevant to their careers and their lives outside a lab. While still actively helping them learn all the core concepts required of biology majors.